Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turning 30

I looked at the date yesterday and realized that I will be turning 30 in exactly one month.

Now, I am not one of those people who is dreading it. I am actually kind of excited. Many people have a list of things they'd like to do before turning a certain age. I've never made one.
Although there are definitely things I'd still like to do one day....

I didn't finish college. I would like to. At least for the education aspect. Not really for the accomplishment. There are some people who get a degree just to get one, even though what they have a degree in is not what they find interesting. Me,  I just enjoy learning.  And I would love to finish my degree in phsychology and counseling one day. I find people fascinating. I find how our minds work completely fascinating. I also like to know why people act a certain way. Like what in their life made them the way they are. It all fascinates me. So one day, after my kids are grown, I think I'd like to finish.

I want to run a second half marathon. I am about to run my first on Sunday, but I feel like this has been more of a "practice round."  I'd like to train seriously again one day and go for "time"... This first go, I'm doing it for other reasons, more personal, and just crossing the finish line on that day will be enough for me. But the second one, I'd like to be a little more serious with the training and health part and really try to get finished in an amazing time.

I would love to have a boutique one day. A mixture of modern and vintage.  Home decor, and accessories.

I would love to have a thriving womens minstry in our church one day. I have a heart for other women and I think connection, encouragement, and face to face time with one another is good for the soul. good for moms, good for working women, good for all of us. And I would love for that ministry to expand beyond the church.

I would love to write a book one day.  I would love to write the details of my story that have never been told. I feel like I'm supposed to.

I would love to have another baby. Not sure when. But I know we aren't done yet. People always say you just know when your done...We know we aren't.

I would love to travel. First as a family, with our kids, and then just me and Brandon once the kids are older. I want to go to Spain and Ireland the most.

These are all pretty broad. I realize that. I have plenty of small things I'd like to do too, but mostly..I just want to live. Like truly live. And I don't mean in some crazy big way like going sky diving or swimming with sharks. I just simply mean living.

Today. This day. Wherever I am. Happy in it. Finding the joy in it. Not always looking for the next big thing or event or thing to scratch off. Not looking for tomorrow to hurry and come or for "this" to happen before I'm happy.
I just want to live today happy and thankful.
And I feel like living this way, each day....all those big things my heart wants? they'll happen.
But I'll know I didn't miss the little things, while waiting for the bigger. You know?
That's truly my heart. 

Do you have something you would love to do one day? Big or small?
 I'd love to hear it. 



  1. I'll be 35 next month and I'd love to be able to hike a 14er with my husband. I'm training this winter so that when springtime comes, I'll be ready! It's the little things! :)

    1. By "14er" I'm assuming you mean miles? Wow!
      What a cool thing to do with your husband!

    2. "14er" is a mountain over 14,000 feet. ;)

    3. haha! Well that makes sense.
      How did you know that?
      Why didn't I know that?

      I'm such a dork.

  2. I think it's awesome you are just looking forward to good things to come, than stressing about your age. Too many people freak out over a "big birthday" and there is no reason too :)

    That is awesome you're doing a 1/2 this weekend- good luck! It's on my list to try to accomplish in 2013, so props to you!!

  3. LOVE all of these.
    I'd love to travel once the babies are older...
    have a shop similar to what you've described...
    and yes to a women's ministry in our church...

    I'd also love to be better at documenting my kid's childhood. As in...print of pictures and make photo albums for them. Someday...someday.

    What day in December is your birthday!?!

    1. The 7th!

      And yes to the documenting thing. I need to get better at that too. So many pictures left unprinted. I want my kids to have albums to sit and go through! Good one Ash.

  4. Would love to write a book and be more involved in the ministry with my hubs.
    Love your list!

  5. Those are all wonderful aspirations! My dreams are simple enough I think; to live a happy, healthy thankful life to continue doing hair and making jewelry- two of my passions :) best of luck to you for this weekend & prayers for your health :)

  6. I will be 29 in just over a month and also have a lot of things that I still want to do! Great list!

  7. turning 30 is great! i kinda dreaded turning 30, but now 31 and in a few months turning 32, i'm beginning to embrace it more and more. so much that you learn from life and you stop to enjoy life. the little things. your list is great, all great things to accomplish. i love the women's ministry part of it. that's something that i am praying for my church to have as well. women need that encouragement from other women to share experiences, thoughts and pray together. cheers to turning 30 next month!

  8. Turned 30 last month and it made me feel empowered! Love your list and can relate to pretty much all of it=)

  9. Good luck at your half! I did my first on Friday and it felt so good to finish! I also want to do another one sometimes in the future and actually get a decent time! Will you be posting about it when you're done? I'll be checking back! Now that I finished mine I'm kind of obsessed with reading other half recaps!

  10. Those are all wonderful goals! Turning 30 is no big deal. I still feel like I'm in my twenties!

  11. Love your blog!
    New follower!
    Follow me back?

  12. Those are fantastic goals! I think you definitely have the makings of a fantastic bucket list!


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