Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Busy-ness" & etc.

Something I've learned about blogging....Don't take yourself too seriously. 
In general, this isn't an issue for me. I'm all about not taking life too serious. Or myself for that matter. 
As it is, life can be pretty serious at times on its own. Why make it worse? I always wonder why people like to add to the drama and difficulty of life by taking life and themselves way too seriously.  
I'm going off on a tangent now. 

My point is that what I've learned with this blog, is that y'all {you sweet people who read my blog} are not looking for an excuse or a reason every time I'm away from my blog for a little while. Cause you get it. It's life. Seasons come where it's not easy to sit long enough at my computer to type out a post that makes sense. And at this moment I cant promise that this one will even make sense anyway, but here I am. 

I've made this mistake before and I see it happen often. I'm trying not to get caught up in it this holiday season.....the Busy-ness.

You know how it goes. You run into someone you haven't seen in a while, or even someone you have, doesn't matter. Could even be the girl at Sonic...and she asks how you are and you sigh a big sigh and say "so busy"
You start listing off reasons you're "so busy" as if it's a badge of honor. The more busy we are the more important we must be right? 
Um false actually. 
Cause how many of those things making you "busy" are actually supposed to be there, and how many did you just add on yourself?

There is a natural busy-ness we all have, a good busy. And then there is one we put on ourselves. 
It's something I'm working on. And I have a feeling many of you are too. I can't say for sure what the details are for you, but for me it's saying "no" to more. To not feeling the need to defend, or apologize or make excuses for the "no." And just leaving it at that.

Thats big for me cause I always have to give an explanation with everything. Oh Lord it's a down fall of mine. 
Waiter: "would you like dessert"
Me: No thank you, not because I don't want it, cause it all looks so good, but because I'm just too full and I really shouldn't anyway cause I had a bunch of cookies earlier and...."
Waiter: already walking away.
Like he really needed an explanation, right?

And yet I always feel the need to give one. In any given scenario. 
Including my "busy-ness."

But the thing is, everyone is busy right now. Everyone is rushing around with holiday shopping or parties, or just with their family. Everyone is in a season of busy.
And that's ok. This is a good season. No excuses or apologies or lists needed, right?

See, you understand. That's why I love you. 

Jumping subjects....I turned 30 on Friday. 
I literally stayed awake right up until the last minute of being 29. I watched Nashville on Hulu {tell me you are watching that show too? I love it!} and my beloved Ben & Jerry's blueberry frozen greek yogurt. 
Everyone else in my house was sawing logs. Including Brandon.  I half way expected balloons or confetti to fall from the sky at midnight, but it didn't happen. I turned to tell him "I'm 30!" and he responded with what I believe may have been a word or two in his half awake stupor....
He made up for it the next day by making me homemade waffles.  There was no confetti but there was syrup.

I really didn't think that turning 30 would be any big thing. But for some reason I found myself feeling a little nostalgic for my 20's. I've grown attached to them you know....10 years together and all. 
We went through a lot together.
I met Brandon when I was 19, we married at 21, Moved to Hawaii and back at 22, I had Asher at 23 and the list goes on. A lot happened in my 20's. A lot that totally transformed me and changed me. 
Although there was some sadness in those 10 years, there was a lot of happy. 
A lot. 

So on the night we celebrated and I was surrounded by my friends and family and asked to give a little "speech" -all I could think about and remember were the happy. And I just felt so grateful. And excited for whats to come. Because surely it must be good.
I feel like my 20's were a time of forming a foundation for what my 30's will bring. 
And thats exciting. 

However, being a mom of 3 kids at the age of 29 doesn't sound so bad. But being mom of 3 and 30 sounds.....dare I say it...old.
I'm embracing it though. Don't get mad at me all you 30's and above. I'm not saying you're old, I'm just saying that it sounds so different to me than being 20 something. 
Now I know why my mom always told people she was 29 and holding. 
Also I have major major baby fever and am aching for our next one. We have plans. But being plans, they also include waiting and waiting is hard for me. 
I hate waiting. 
Probably why God is making me do it. 

On that note. I really hope you are enjoying your holidays. In the midst of the "busy" I hope you are taking time to stop. To be there--wherever you are. 
During seasons like this--"busy" ones, I am reminded even more how important it is to mindfully stop. Take in the moments and be glad for the now.
It kind of, in a way, makes time stop for just a little bit. 

This was a rambled post. I apologize. Blame it on the extra strong coffee I made this morning. 
Also, I will be back with a little "holiday home tour" of our house decorated for the holidays. Nothing fancy, but I do love me some holiday decor, don't you?

Love you all. 


  1. I completely get what you are saying about busy-ness - I know I tend to put alot of unnecessary busy-ness on myself! This is a good reminder to work on that. :-)

  2. Love you....and your explinations. I AM THE SAME WAY. no one word answers here!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! Welcome to the 30's! It's all good!!!! ;)

    Can't wait to see the home tour!

  3. Sometimes busy-ness just takes over! Its good to step back and breathe sometimes though. Even in this season of crazy. Happy late birthday and let baby fever run its course! Will be so gratifying to have your plan in order when the time comes.

  4. happy birthday!
    and from one of those that are already in my 30's (33 to be exact WITH 3 kids) i'll tell you that the 30's are WAY better than the 20's.
    no lie!
    they are awesome!!!
    you'll love 'em too.

    on another note... can totally relate to the busyness thing.
    why do we do it to ourselves?!
    i'm not sure.
    especially, i feel if the things that keep us busy are "good" things, i.e. church commitments, etc.
    it's SO hard to say no.
    like we're sinning if we say no or something.
    doesn't make sense.
    God wants us to take care of and love the ones at home first of all...
    He will provide us with opportunities to serve.
    we don't have to say yes to every one.
    thanks for sharing your heart!


  5. Oh man this sounds so much like me. I create so much busy-ness in my life and it leaves me in a stressed out mess. Same with constantly feeling the need to explain my actions and decisions to everyone who might potentially have an opinion about it. I need to just chill. :) Happy belated birthday to you as well! :)

  6. i like rambled posts. it makes me feel like i am standing in front of the author just listening. it's real and honest. i admit that i've tried to justify my busyness by thinking i have more important things to do than some that don't seem as busy. it's a crazy thing, because like you said, it's stuff i piled up on myself. happy belated birthday by the way. i loved turning 30. sometimes it gets to me going on 32, but i kinda like being this age. makes me feel 'wise.' haha.

  7. I always love your posts! Happy {belated} Birthday!

  8. LOVE your post! We are all soooo "busy" and could definitely benefit from simplifying. And 30s are supposed to be "the best years", so happy 30th and hope you have many more happy years ahead of you!! :)

  9. Girl, you feel old? Sheesh!!! I didn't get married till 29 had my first baby at 30 and now am
    On baby #3 at 34. But I did a lot of living in my early 20's that taught me a lot about life that I wouldn't change for the world!!! Xoxo I'm going to send you an email!!!!

  10. You are so beautiful inside and out :)

  11. Happy belated birthday! I turn 25 next month and part of me is already sad that I'm halfway through my 20's. I don't have kids yet, and when I think that I'm 25 already with no kids it sounds old, like I need to get started! Haha. Not the case at all, but I can relate to you. :)

  12. without fail i absolutely love every post you write.


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