Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Home For The Holidays

This year has been busier than usual for us. But more than ever I have felt more purposed to slow down and enjoy this season. There were little things I wanted to do here and there, and I was determined to do them.  You know how you pin something on pinterest and your like "Oh I am so doing that!"....and then you forget? And then when you do remember, it's too late and now it's Valentines Day?
Well, I didn't want that to happen.

One of those things I really wanted to do for the kids was a hot chocolate station. Because they are literally addicted to hot chocolate.We had a perfect little spot on our counter for it...

I went off the multi colored little mugs we were given as a gift {from World Market}, and made it fun and colorful. I found this free printable and it was perfect because our family loves Elf. And also I fully believe you should always sing loud for all to hear, even when its not Christmas.
So far the little station has been a hit and I totally intend on doing it every year. The kids love it. 

Something else I really wanted to make was this glittered deer head on canvas. I'm obsessed with gold glitter {who isn't really?} and so when I saw this on pinterest I knew I had to do it. It is a really easy project and I love how it turned out. 

 I hung it over my little entry table and I just might keep it up year round. The gold and gray chevron printable I found, was perfect and ties it all together. 
{Find the deer head tutorial here
{Glory To The Newborn King Printable Here}

 I also wanted find a way to display all of the Christmas cards we get. I didn't just want to stick them on the side of the refrigerator like I've done before, so I decided to use this blue shutter I have in our kitchen {from Homegoods}.
To "Christmasfy" it I just took some red twine and little silver ornaments and strung it across the top. Then I just hung the cards with clothes pins. I love having a special spot for our cards. Now when I get a new one I'm so excited to go hang it.
{P.S..these pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago, so if you've sent me a card since then, I promise it's up there now ;)}

Our tree started out really uniform and specific when we first got married. With all kinds of glass ornaments in different colors. And then kids grew up and got involved and I started getting roped into buying things like Justin Beiber ornaments for my 4 year old and now it is, what I would call "eclectic." 

And I love it. I love bringing out our ornaments from each year. We did this when I was younger- bought an ornament each year, and now I do it with our kids. Last year Mia's was a pink glass tennis shoe because she started walking on Christmas Eve last year, wearing little pink adidas. I love having little memories like that sprinkled through out tree. 

One of my favorite spots is our mantle. I love seeing those 5 stockings hanging there. It just does something to my heart.   

I carried the decor into almost every room of our house. The kids have trees in their rooms, and I strung some white lights in the playroom along with this Merry Christmas banner I got at Target this year.  

Of everything though, my most favorite thing has to be walking through our front door at night. You can see the tree perfectly as you walk up and the lit garland around the door makes it all look so inviting. 

That is what I always hope for my home, no matter what time of year it is...for people to feel invited and welcomed and for my family to always feel like they have a safe, comfortable place to call their home.  

We have a really well known mexican restaurant here in San Antonio that keeps their Christmas decor up all year round. I'd feel tempted to do the same except I know I'd go crazy mid January when my cleaning/decluttering/redecorating frenzy kicks in.  
So I'll just enjoy it for now.

How long do you keep your Christmas decor up?



  1. Coziest Christmas home ever! And I need to stop by that restaurant if I'm ever in SA around Christmastime (any other time of year would just feel wrong!).

  2. Your home is beautiful! Definitely seems welcoming. I haven't been following you long {love your blog, though}, so I didn't realize you live in San Antonio. I used to live there when I was in middle school {'97, '98-ish}. My Dad was stationed at Lackland and we attended Village Parkway Baptist Church. It was one of my favorite places to live and I miss tex-mex food like crazy! <3 Texas! ;)

  3. Your home is stunning! I love your decor skills!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! So homey!!! I love it so much! I am so in love with the glitter deer too!! You did so good!

  5. Your house is beautifully decorated!! I might have to do the buck head. I regret passing up a buck's head necklace a year or so ago. Talk about statement necklace!

  6. Okay, I absolutely AODRE all your decor and the color scheme and the vintage/worn yet new look of everything! So beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your home looks beautiful!!!! I love everything!!! I just made the reindeer heads myself after seeing them everywhere on pinterest! I'm sending you an email:) xoxo Hanna

  8. your decorations are just incredible! I love the multicolored mugs for the hot chocolate station, the mantle, and especially the glitter deer head with the "glory" printable :)

  9. Your decorations (and home) are beautiful!!! You did such a great job with the hot chocolate station and the deer canvas...I so need to get on my Pinterest projects!

    Oh, and it's the 26th and I'm already thinking about taking down my decorations. I'll probably do it tomorrow...Friday at the latest! Crazy, I know!!!

  10. So beautiful!!! I love the glittered deer head and your whole style in general - looks amazing!

  11. Your home is so incredibly cheery! Love!

  12. I dream that one day our home can be as inviting as this. I know it takes time though, so for now I'll enjoy the little décor we did have. I love your entry way table. It is so fresh and you can do so much with it.

  13. May I ask where you got the prints in the play room?

    1. They are from the Wheatfield by Katie Daisy! Love her!

  14. So pretty! Love all your decor. I bought everything to do the glitter reindeer canvas...and then I didn't do it...Haha! Glad you got things done.

    Newest follower! Excited to

  15. Your decorating style is seriously just like everything I pin on my ideal home Pinterest board :) LOVE your style. So classy!

  16. Everything looks so beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I just took my decorations down yesterday. We always take it down after the twelfth day of Christmas, which is January 5th.

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