Tuesday, January 22, 2013

♥ Valentines Day Love ♥

With February just around the corner, I've got Valentines Day on my mind...I don't typically go all out as far decorating. Just little touches here and there. But we do like to make a big deal out of the day itself. It's just fun, and I love any reason to celebrate. Especially when it involves making those we love and care about feel extra special.

I thought I'd share some of the things I'm loving for V-day and either plan to do, or will do again this year.
You can find these cute mailboxes in the Target Dollar Spot. I love the idea of gluing them to candlesticks.

Bella and I made these last year for her to hand out to her friends and some of our family. They are super easy and also super yummy. Find a cute printable to package them with by following the link

Another cute free printable. I did this for Asher's teachers last year and also my sisters.
Fabric covered button earrings are easy and fun to make.

Cute and inexpensive idea.
Use the blank printable version to make it personal.

I have a chalkboard sign almost identical to this in my kitchen and this little banner will be perfect for it

Love the gold and pink together

Brownies on the bottom, cake and then icing.
Think I'm going to try these for our Valentines party this year.

I think this would be a really cute way to give a pair of those favorite Target socks I talked about in my last post.  And then add a nice nail polish. Maybe as a teacher gift?

How do you like to celebrate Valentines Day?
Do you go big, or prefer to skip it all together?



  1. All such cute ideas! I always like to go big for the kids! This year I'm hand stitching heart shaped stockings to stuff with goodies and maybe making a heart garland for the fire place:)

  2. Love the socks and the cake/brownie/cupcakes! I think I might do the socks for H's teachers at Rev. Great post!

  3. Those mailboxes are too cute!! I can't wait to have kids and to do some of these fun projects! I also love the button earrings, I may make them for friends this year!

  4. Loving all these ideas :) Thanks lady!

  5. yeah!!!!!! i love love :)

  6. Great ideas! I love those adorable mailboxes.
    We really only celebrate with the kids. They each get a little treat and we have a family dinner.

  7. aaahhhh, i want to so those mail boxes!so cute.

  8. So cute!! All of them. Thanks for sharing! :) xo


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