Monday, February 11, 2013

Blossom & Vine

We all know I'm a words girl. Most of the artwork on the walls of our home are either words, scriptures verses, or quotes. I love to surround my family with encouragement any way I can. And I feel like, especially with the bible verses, if we see them every day, read them every time we walk has no option but to get down deep in our hearts. 

Aly's shop, Blossom & Vine, has always been one of my favorites for prints like this. I have many of her designs in our house. She is super talented and creative.

I recently added this one to Bella's room. 
I pray she always holds on to this truth...

And I hung these two in our laundry room. I chose them specifically because I am in there so often through out the day, and I stand looking at that wall as I sort and fold laundry. So I wanted words that would encourage me as I read them over and over.

Aly has just re-launched her shop with lots of new designs and I love so many of them. Like these for the kids bathroom and this one for my kitchen.

Head over to her shop and check out all of her new stuff for yourself!

Find something you want?
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{Trust in the Lord print is from Pen and Paint. Splendor Hoop art is from my sweet friend Natalie at Take the Cannoli}