Monday, March 11, 2013

a new season

I don't normally have it together enough on a monday morning to generate some thoughts into a post.
especially after a crazy busy weekend like we had and especially after a weekend that included a time change.

but, i woke up this morning with alot of things heavy on my mind and so i wanted to get it down in the books before i lose it.
time has a way of slipping right past us.
and thats ok, i mean time is meant to go on. im thankful for the "going on"....for the growing and moving, and changing.
but i want to do what i can to keep it fresh in my mind.
to capture the details so they are easy to remember later.

this weekend was a big one for us as a family.
I know I haven't talked in detail here about the church plant.
i find it's harder for me to open up about certain things than it is with other things.
it's like i feel sort of selective on what i want to let people in on. maybe even protective.
but im trying to get better.
i don't want to be one of those people who posts or gives too many details of her life, yet, so much of our life and what is happening in it right now, is a huge part of our story.
a huge part of what God has done in us over the last few years.
and i have found that in my being selective, im not really allowing the full story to be told.
The story is His after all. Not mine.

Years ago when I first met brandon he told me {more like warned me} that he would be in ministry all of his life. at the time I nodded and said I would support him in whatever he wanted to do and i meant it. 
but the road to where we are now hasn't always been easy.
we made a lot of rash decisions.
 we made a lot of bad decisions.
we tried to take things into our own hands a few times. 
we tried to speed up time.
we made some mistakes.

but more than anything we learned from those mistakes.

one thing i have found is that trials and hardships will come.
and sometimes, we bring them on ourselves.

i feel like it can best be described as two different roads ending in one place. one road is bumpy and hard to navigate but it seems shorter. 
the other is smoother and easy to get through, but it looks longer.

we go for the bumpy one because it seems like we'll get to where we want to go faster. but then it turns, and it gets hard, and it turns again and gets even harder, and we realize we're going in circles.
kind of like the israelites wandering the dessert for 40 years on a trip that should have taken 11 days. 
thats been us a time or two.

but sometimes, the hardships, the sorrow...they come no matter what we do or didn't do. those, are the ones that can really change a person. the ones that can challenge you and push you.

Through every bit of it God has been so gracious and so good. and more than enough when we needed so much.
i don't pretend to think that we have arrived.
or that all of the hardships and trials are over.
i know that isn't the case. but i also know we have learned how to to trust, how to rest, and when to move.
because of those trials and hardships. 

As I sat in our last church service yesterday I thought about what we have walked through over the last few years and where we are now and in my heart, thinking back on the heart ache, the worry, the fear...all of it. I wouldn't trade what came out of it for anything.
because a truer knowledge of joy and a deeper level of faith has resulted.

I am not the same girl I was 5 years ago. I am not the same girl I was 1 year ago.
God's timing is always right.
It's never late and it's never early.

So here we are, on the Monday after our last Sunday at the church Brandon has been a part of since his parents started it 15 years ago. and the church I have been a part of since I met Brandon nearly 11 years ago.

That many years ago, I walked into this tiny building with about 30 people and knew God would use me there. But I had no idea how much I would grow right along side it.
Both spiritually and physically I have grown up there.
It was bittersweet to leave knowing that it wouldn't be the same to come back again.
Even though it is our parents church, and even though they send us off with blessings and support, it won't ever be the same.
That's hard to think about. 

This is a new season for Brandon and I.

I find myself more excited than anything.
1 year ago I would find myself more scared than anything.
change can be a scary thing. but here i am, excited for it.
no one could know the time was right, but God.
He knew when we would be ready.

and do you know what i am most excited about?
the people we will reach, connect, partner in life with.
spreading hope...
thats my heart. my passion.
God has allowed our trials and hardships to filter into joy, faith, hope...
and we get to share it.

next sunday we meet for the first time as a South Hills Northwest San Antonio campus.
we will meet with a small core group of people, and the hope/plan is to grow from there.
we move into a more official location and will have our first church service in September.

this monday of all mondays feels different.
like sweet new baby nephews, fresh rain, and spring flowers...
a new season has come



  1. Wow. I needed to read this today. It goes hand in hand with what I wrote today, but, more so, it goes hand in hand with the season we are about to begin. We, too, will be leaving the church we have "grown up" in spiritually. These words resonated with me way down deep.

  2. What an amazing journey you've all been on! Blessings to you on your new adventure! :)

  3. Thank you for being bold and sharing this. I love hearing about how God moves in us during different seasons of life. You are an encouragement! XO

  4. You are so cute!! God is amazing!! I love how he works it all of our lives at all times! Tahnk you for writing this!!

    PS! i am having a giveaway tmrw maybe you can check out the blog?

  5. We don't know one another (I found your blog through another blog!), but I feel like we have a lot in common! One major piece is that my husband and I are planting a church with my parents starting in April. And we're fininshing our time at the church I've been in for 30 years (my whole life!). Lots of change. Lots of tears. Lots of fear. But also lots of peace.

    Oh yeah..and even though I live in Hershey Pennsylvania, I met my husband in San Antonio. soooo...there's that ;)

    We should be friends, right? I mean, I think we should.

    ~Gretchen Lee

  6. You have such an adorable family! May God bless you all as you begin this new season in your life. :)

  7. I'm sure y'all will be just what God needs in that area! I pray you will feel His presence at all times during this journey!!!!! Bless y'all for following His calling!!!

  8. happy for a new season ahead...I know God will use you as always. Love you friend!

  9. i am so glad i just found your blog. i love this post. i'm currently in a season where i'm just listening to God, and knowing full well that His plans are far above any that i could ever come up with. new seasons are hard! but trusting in Him is getting me through :) so great to meet you!


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