Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ashley did a post like this a few weeks ago and I thought it was fun, so here we go...

 Listening to: Asher and Bella playing upstairs, Mia coloring and talking next to me and Brandon drilling in the backyard....he's making me a pergola for our backyard patio. 
I have wanted one for so long {probably since we moved in our home 6 years ago!} but it's such a big project. 
I am so excited it's actually happening. 
He must really love me.

Planning: New designs for the shop.
I've been at a stand still as far as new stuff and have just been focusing on custom orders. but I'm ready to jump back in full force and get to creating some new things again. 

Wishing For: Summer! I can't wait for pools, popsicles, and tans.  
and sitting on our patio under the lights in the evenings! 

 Thinking about: So many things. My brain never stops and never settles on one subject. It'd be hard to narrow it down. No really I just tried to think about what I'm thinking about and about 6 things popped into my head. I can't do it.

Craving: Fire crackers. Have you ever had them?! So good. And easy!--saltine crackers, oil, red pepper flakes and hidden valley ranch seasoning...bake in the oven and done. I especially love them in the summer time.

 Looking forward to: My run in the morning. Haven't been in a few days and I am really needing it.

Working on: Everything. I am in full on clean, organize, project mode.

Reading: I will Carry You by Angie Smith. So so good. If you've ever lost a baby I highly recommend it. I really could have used her words a couple of years ago especially. But it's been good for me to process back through some emotions and feelings as I read her own story of loss. I get a lot of emails from women asking if I have any resources for women who have lost a baby and this is high up on my list for sure. 

Feeling:  Excited, happy, and a tiny bit anxious.... Sunday will be our last at our current church, and then Brandon and I begin the process of planting a church here on our side of town. Sort of hard to believe it's happening.
Exciting...humbling....overwhelming---all in the best way.
It's an ending to one season and the beginning of another.

Making me happy: Fresh flowers in my kitchen and the evening sun that streams in through our windows. 
It's my favorite time of day.

So what are you looking forward to? Whats making you happy? What are you planning? Wishing?


  1. Oh I love firecrackers! i have found that you can use 1/2 the oil and still get the same results. This is important because I can eat a ton in one sitting.

    1. thats good to know! i was actually wondering if I could make them with spray oil to cut down on all that oil.
      but man they are good!

  2. Oh how I wish it were Summer too! Can't wait!

  3. I am also so pumped for summer! it cant get here soon enough! i just want pretty dress and lake days! i have been tanning all winter so im good on that!XO

  4. I enjoyed reading Ashley's post, too... :) It sounds like you have a lot of exciting plans coming up! Your kiddos are adorable and I love their names (think I told you that before). :) I'm really looking forward to Spring... Walks outside with my three, planting flowers, Easter, etc. Right now, though, I'm just happy with spending time with my family and enjoying what Winter has to offer, which is a currently a few inches of snow! I don't like wishing away the time because that means my babies :) are getting older!

  5. First of all Best Wishes on your Church Plant i know it will be fabulous and second I cant believe i'm saying this I am so ready for summer too. not necessarily 112' but you know. and wow those fire crackers sound good. i bet my boys would love them.

  6. I am looking forward to spring! I am excited by the little flowers that have started blooming! I just wish the temperature would warm up and feel like spring :)

  7. I'm wishing for summer, too!
    Love that adorable picture of your kids!

  8. Sister! Same here! IS IS SUMMER YET?!!??!! Actually, I'll just take SPRING year-round! I love it. Such a promise of HOPE each spring time as you see the buttercups and tulips popping up out of the frozen ground. I love it!

  9. Well, it is my birthday on the Ides of March...in case you were wondering...

    I adore all things Anthropologie, and would probably head to the clearance rack first to make the most of that $200.00. If I struck out there, I would then search out favorite new pieces on the wish list or head ove to shoes...the shoes are fantastic... And if that was a bust then I would head over to linens and then the dishware. Soooo many choices...

    Thanks ladies!

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