Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday ♥

We've been watching the Bible series on the history channel Sunday nights.
Have you seen it?
It's a mini series based on the old testament. I have loved seeing these stories from the bible acted out. It just gives so much more understanding and revelation of the words I've read and heard all my life.  Maybe I'm a dork but I seriously look forward to Sunday nights... snuggling up with Brandon and  some good popcorn...

Last week ended with Jesus being arrested and tried. This week will be the crucifixion. It's hard to watch. I mean you fall in love with this actor who plays Jesus and it just makes me think how much more loving and kind the real Jesus' was.

It's made this weekend even more real to me. Not that it hasn't been in the past, but watching the series sort of unfold leading up to this Easter weekend has prepared my heart in a way that has the reason we celebrate at the very forefront.   Honestly, Easter has never meant more to me than when I became a mom. That God would give his only son, to be hung on a cross and crucified for my sins? for our sickness, suffering, and pain? I just couldn't fathom ever doing the same.

He died for us. For you and for me. So that we could have everlasting life. So amazing the love He has for us. I hope you know it in a real way. And that you take some time to remember what He did for us on the cross. And that best of all, He rose again. He lives!

We have Easter celebrations planned the entire weekend. I am looking forward to spending the time with our family and friends. And watching my children enjoy everything Easter is about. I'm also hoping to not over load on candy....particularly cadbury eggs. Are you fan? I feel like you either love them or hate them....I'm a lover. 

Happy Easter sweet friends!
I truly hope you enjoy your time with family and friends this weekend.
I know I've been sort of absent here the last couple of weeks, but as I figure out some new changes in our routines, I'll be back! And while I have been absent here, I am usually pretty present on instagram {it's my favorite form of social media if you haven't gathered} So you can always find and connect with me there!

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  1. we have enjoyed watching the bible as a family.
    Happy Easter Laura!

  2. My hubby has been watching it while i blog! its a really good way to learn about the bible!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Love this, Laura! I haven't been watching the series, but I just watched the Passion of the Christ tonight. Definitely hard to watch the weight of all our sins being placed on the spotless Lamb, but so eternally grateful we know how it ends.

    1. Oh the Passion of the Christ...good one for sure. We may watch it tonight!

  4. I recorded the series but haven't watched them all yet. I love seeing what I read being acted out! It would have been good to watch the Jesus part on Easter...but I'm too controlling, I have to do them in order. :)

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