Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Day Shred

If you follow me on instagram you know I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred last month. Aside from running I wanted to do something that would challenge me in a different way. I want to build muscle and tighten up certain areas. So 30 Day Shred it was. 

Basically it consists of 3 levels. You move up a level at your own pace. Each level has 3,2,1 intervals...3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs for 20 minutes, non stop. 

I had started 30 Day Shred twice before and never followed through with it. This time, however,  I was determined to finish. Putting it out there in instagram world defintely kept me accountable, but I will tell you what really held me accountable...My friend Abby who did it with me. We texted each other every single night and made sure the other one had worked out that day.

We took "before" pictures as a way to track our progress and it was really inspiring for me to glance back at them along the way and see the changes that were already happening. If you plan to do this workout {or any workout} I highly suggest taking before and after pictures. Because sometimes the changes aren't so big that you notice them right away. I'd also suggest taking measurements. 

Now when you tell people you finished 30 day shred, the first thing they want to know is---did you see results? The answer is yes I definitely did. But what they really want to know is, did you lose weight?

I did not start this with the idea that I would lose weight just by doing shred. The dvd cover says you can lose up to 20lbs. That's a big promise. But if you have that amount to lose and you haven't a work out like this before, I can see how that could happen. So it's not impossible.

My goal with this was {is} to tighten up. I want to have muscle definition. I want to be lean and fit. I'd be happy with losing a few pounds but I do not just want to be a skinny minnie.

That said, the number on the scale barely changed through the whole 30 days, however, my clothes started to fit loser. Which tells me that I did lose fat, and gained muscle in it's place. Which I was totally happy with. If you're a numbers girl, who gets stuck on what the scale is saying you gotta get over it if you plan to work out with weights. I had to tell myself that a time or two cause it was easy to bust my butt one week and then be like "wait, not even one pound lost?!" But, we all know muscle weighs more than fat, so in this case I had to look at how my clothes were fitting rather than the number. Also the before/after pictures told a lot as well....

Now am I going to post the before and after pictures? That's gonna be a no.
I know, I know that is absolutely no fun for you. Trust me, I love to see a good before/after picture myself. But. This is the internet. I decided to keep the pictures off my blog because I am in a sports bra and shorts. And while I don't consider myself to be an overly modest person, I can't control who looks at my pictures and where it ends up and honestly that creeps me out. I went back and forth because I know how motivating they can be for other woman thinking about doing this, but in the end I just didn't feel comfortable with putting something so personal out in internet world. 

So I will leave it with saying that I did get results. I lost inches around my waist, hips and booty and got more definition in my abs and arms.

So let's break down this 30 Day Shred thing:

1. Do it.

2. Finish it.


Ok but really those two are key, however here are some things I'd add...

*What I loved most about it is that it's only 25 minutes. But you are working the entire time. I love knowing that the time I'm putting in is counting. You could spend two hours at the gym and not get as much "work" done as you do when you push yourself hard in one of these workouts. 

*If you are a mom, this is perfect. If you are a working woman, this is perfect. If you are a girl with a short attention span, this is perfect. No one can argue with 25 minutes a day. Do it at night after the kids go to bed if you aren't a morning person {pointing at myself}

*Don't wait until "this happens" or "that happens" or whatever.  Don't make excuses. Again, it's 25 minutes. 

*Have a couple different sets of weights. I started with 3lbs and ended with 5lb weights.

*Do it on carpet if you can. Especially if you have knee/joint problems. I didn't have this issue but my friend Abby did and she was doing it on concrete which didn't help.

*We moved up a level every 10 days. Jillian doesn't specify to do it this way, but it makes sense. And if you are like me, you need someone to be more black and white. So do it that way.

*After the first two days of each level- after I got a good understanding of the workout/exercise moves, I started listening to music instead of Jillian. This was major for me. It made a huge difference to just put my headphones in and just watch the screen. After a while the repetitiveness of Jillian's talking got super annoying. It also made it go by much faster and I feel like I can focus on pushing myself harder when I'm listening to music.

* Push yourself. If you want a workout that gets results and you want it to be fast {as in the time you put in each day} then 30 Day Shred is it. But you have to push yourself. There aren't any breaks in these workouts, you just keep going. Sometimes you'll want to stop and take a breather, but just remind yourself it is only 25 minutes and it'll be over soon. Once it's over you'll feel good that you pushed yourself the entire time.

*Get yourself an accountability partner to do it with. Someone you can text and check in with every night. Someone who will cheer you on and encourage you.

*Take before/after pictures as well as your measurements. I didn't take measurements before and I regretted it because I definetly lost some but there was no way of knowing how much.

*Tell yourself you will finish the full 30 days and don't talk yourself out of it. But do take ONE rest day.  At the end of the 30 days I was happy to say I had worked out every single day without missing one workout. But at about day 28 Abby told me she read that Jillian suggests a rest day. That would've been good to know, but honestly I did ok without a rest day. Could I have used one on say, Easter when I was exhausted and just wanted to park it on the sofa and watch Duck Dynasty with a cadbury egg? Um yes. But part of me is glad I didn't know rest days were allowed. 

*You can purchase the DVD off amazon, or find it at Walmart or Target. You can also find it on youtube but you have to deal with loading issues and internet connection. I say just buy it. It's around $10. 
Basically 30 Day Shred is a great work out. It definitely inspired me to keep going. I'm now doing Jillian's Ripped in 30 and already love it. It's a 4 week program, with one level for each week.  I'm excited to see the changes this brings to my body. 

Ok I won't leave you hanging with an entire post and not one picture. So heres's one of my arms. I have a ways to go with them but I am happy so far because my arms were one area I really wanted to tone up....I don't want bulky by any means, but I tend to be a little weakling in my upper body. The only work out these arms have seen before shred were a fancy move called -picking up babies/toddlers all day long.- 

And yes I totally did a selfie shot in the mirror of my muscles. Who am I? 

You can follow along on instagram by using the hashtag #fitin30challenge. Post when you work out. It doesn't have to be every day, but every few days. And you can jump in at any point whether you are on day 1 or day 18. Let's be a group of women who encourages one another, holds each other accountable and most of all inspires one another to be a better, healthier version of YOU.
That's definitely my goal. How about you?

I now leave you with a very true FACT.



  1. Thank you for posting about your experience. I have had 30 day shred for a couple of years and have never committed. You have inspired me! I need to hop on this bandwagon! :)

  2. Way to go girl! I'm so proud of you! I made it 14 days the last time I attempted this! It really is a good work out! I'd love to see the before/after but I TOTALLY understand. There are weirdo's out there! SO...the ARMS look amazing! GO YOU!!!!

  3. dang!! feeling super encouraged! thanks for all that! :)

  4. Holy Moly this is AWESOME! Way to go girl! Empowering to say the least :)

    So this is Jacy from the blog My Name is Jacy and I wanted to let you know I've started a new blog! But I'm having to do it more incognito because my ex husband was using my old blog against me in court- even though it didn't hold any merit, it freaked me right out!

    Anyway, so now I am trying to round up all of my old followers to come to my new blog... one by one... it is time consuming to be sure... haha...

    Hope you'll follow along again!



  5. Congrats on completing the 30 Day Shred! Jullian seems like a beast! And I totally get the not wanting to show before/after in your shorts/sports bra - I'd be a bit iffy about that too. Oh, and that Pinterest Law is the greatest!!! :)

  6. Girl, this is awesome!!! Way to go! And those arms? Killer :)

  7. This is just what I needed! I bough The 30 Day Shred quite a while ago and usually get through the first week before I quit! I would love to have an accountability partner if someone wants to have one as well! I have been wanting to tone up a bit for the summer so this is the perfect start!
    And you go girl! This must make you feel awesome :)

  8. you go girl.
    i started off so good...i messed up my knee on level 3. i landed wrong while doing the jumping lunges. i tried doing the modified ones and that was almost worse. (so mad) but i'm determined to start over. and finish. ugh. so frustrating.

  9. I had been hitting the gym hard and lost weight and had begun to tone up. I loved seeing my results and staying motivated to work on myself to better myself. I used to always complain cause i disliked the way i looked and felt and finally got the courage and determination to change how i looked. For a couple of months now, because of things happening at home, i lost that determination and love for the gym and exercise. Instead of letting that be my get away and my stress reliever i just stayed home. Its been very hard to get back into getting fit and changing my mindset about it. This was very encouraging for me. I want to take that step again to becoming a fitter me. And yes having that person to push u and make u accountable makes all the difference. Im gonna buy it today and start it today
    no excuses right?! Btw loving the arms girl. Tell Brandon he better watch out lol.

  10. Thank you for your inspiration! I read along with your running posts last year and they always kept me encouraged. I ran a 5K this weekend and plan to again in June for The Color Run. I wouldn't consider myself a "runner" but I love to run -- it's one of the only things I can get myself to do when it comes to working out. Keep up the great work!

  11. Laura, I have so much to tell you but I also started the shred 3 days ago!! I'm in so much pain!!! I wanted to tell you thank you so much for your tips on this!!! I need to email you later!! I've been very busy in newborn baby land. Xoxo

  12. Aww, thank you so much for this! I have started 30 day shred about five different times and have never finished it! You have inspired me with this post! I can and will do this!

  13. I have yet to try this! I won't have much weight to lose after this baby, but I will need to tone up again!

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