Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Confessions & {What I Wore}

1. I brush my teeth in the shower. I have for years and years. Something about standing at the sink for 5 minutes just to brush my teeth seems so tedious. I rather know my hair is being conditioned at the same time. Perhaps it's multi-tasking at it's finest. Or maybe I'm just lazy.

2. I can not stand the feeling of dirty or dry feet. heaven help me. can. not. stand.

3. Brandon and I love watching Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. I should probably be embarrassed by this but I'm not. Every week I keep coming back thinking maybe this time they will Find Bigfoot. We just reached the end of the season and spoiler alert: They haven't found Bigfoot.

4. I can not stand talking on the phone. I would much rather talk in person. Phone conversations bug me for so many reasons. One of them being awkward silences. Another one being knowing when to say goodbye....again, awkward.

5. I recently used sun-in to lighten up the blonde in my hair.  And yes I mean the sun-in that you and your friends sprayed in your hair back in 1992 while you laid out in your back yard and listened to nsync.  I got my hair professionally high-lighted but I wanted it blonder, so my sister suggested sun-in. I had to go to Walgreens to get it and I was embarrassed to ask the worker there where it was.  But you know what? It worked. So no shame here. Sun-inner's unite. {I think that'd just be me and my sister}

Outfit details:
I got this cute sparkle polka dot top from Kintage. This is the same boutique I got this dress from back in the fall. It is still one of my favorites. 
This sparkley top is sold out, but they have some seriously adorable new things right now that I am eyeing, including this, this and this. If you are looking to give your closet a little pep in its step, I would highly recommend checking them out. The prices and quality are awesome.

Top: c/o Kintage
Jeans: Express
Gold Glitter Belt: Target
Necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard Designs

Alright so it's your turn. Give me one of your own confessions. 
If you tell me you've used sun-in in this decade I'll let you be in our exclusive club.

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  1. You always have the cutest outfits. That top is adorable. I always highlight my hair myself. I just don't want to pay the 100+ for it to be done preofessionaly.

    1. It's hard to pay for sure,
      fortunately over the summer my hair does its own crazy thing from the sun so I just let it.
      what do you use to highlight your hair? I've done it myself also!

  2. I agree with your #1. I totally brush my teeth in the shower and it's definitely multitasking at it's finest! ;)

  3. totally with you on 2. i have to wash my feet before bed, or i will not sleep. in 1992, i literally thought sun-in would make my hair blond. it turned it red. i was 12. what did i know?

    i totally wore an old lady top to my son's freshman orientation last night. it didn't work. i was still asked if i wanted to join yearbook. my poor kids...

  4. I put sun-in on my sons hair in the summer.....he's only nine!

    1. Oh my mom used to put sun-in in our hair ALL the time when we were younger. We used to get so many compliments on how pretty our hair color was and she would just nod and say it was naturally from the sun since it technically kinda was ;)

  5. this made me LOL bc its so dead on to you and I can hear you saying each point, your too cute. love ya laura loo who.....ps- gorg as ALWAYS, sheesh ;-)

  6. Confession, I did use sun-in but it was more than a decade ago lol. Now i color....i was going to say that's a secret but instead, i own it, cuz i can :)
    Love the top and the whole outfit :) Keep on shining and being you~

  7. SO so cute! I am in LOVE with that top. So gorgeous.

  8. Fantastic for spring! So light and airy and you look just gorgeous!

  9. I don't like talking on the phone either. Texting is my best friend.!

    I have a confession: I spent a small fortune on underwear at Victoria Secret this week. UGH...so much money but they are the best underwear ever!

  10. That shirt is so beautiful!!


  11. Love this top! I wanted it awhile back but it was sold out. Looks great on you!

  12. That is hilarious - I didn't realize Sun In still existed!!
    Love your top...gorgeous!

  13. I can't deal with dirty feet, or any feet for that matter, they gross me out! Loving this top, you look super pretty!

  14. such a gorgeous top!! You look so beautiful!!
    BTW, I can't dirty feet either! And NOOOO..you spoiled the bigfoot reveal!! I thought may be now, finally!! LOL!
    I am coming here via pleated poppy linkup! Love ur blog and style!! New follower:-)
    Stay in touch!
    Have a wonderful day!
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  15. Love the outfit!
    I am so with you on #2 and #4. I actually have to lotion up my feet before bed!

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