Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bella's Rainbow Birthday Party

We celebrated Bella's 5th birthday party this past Sunday afternoon. 
The theme was rainbows and I had a ton of fun finding ways to incorporate the theme. 
Dollar Store and Target were my best friends in planning. I literally wandered the party aisles looking for things I could use. 
That is always my favorite part to party planning---getting creative without spending a ridiculous amount of money.  
I don't think kids parties are an area to go crazy in and bust the budget. I also think they should be stress free, fun and open for error. 

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. But I have to let that go whenever it comes to things like this.
Because it was warmer that day we had to keep the food covered and we ran out of drinks and the rainbow and clouds I made {similiar to this
for the dessert table back drop didn't exactly "translate" when I tried to hang it. 
The clouds kept falling, the rainbow kept blowing like crazy. And I ended up scrapping the clouds in the end.

Oh Lawd. The perfectionist in me definitely wanted to cry.
But always always I remind myself it's not about the show or display, but about who we are celebrating.

And this day it was all about this girl.

I think she had just as much fun in planning with me as she did at the actual party. 
I could tell she felt proud to have had her hand in it so much. She did most of it all right along side me.

The food was easy to plan. 
There were so many ideas for incorporating the colors of the rainbow. 
It was a 4 o clock party on a sunday, so we just did snacks knowing people would likely not be too hungry after a late lunch. 

We had: 
White chocolate covered popcorn with sprinkles.
 Chocolate covered pretzel rods with sprinkles {a party staple around here}
Funfetti Cake Dip with animal crackers. {A box of funfetti cake mix, 1 1/2 cups of cool whip and 2 cups of plain yogurt} If you have never made this, you need to. It's addictive.
Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Skittles with a little candy scooper and mini candy cups I found at Target.
Chips and Dip
Freeze Pops
I found these gigantic lollipops at the dollar store. I took the original wrapper off because it looked sort of cheesy and generic. 
So we put our own on and just used those clear plastic treat bags you can find at Michaels.

They were obviously a hit with the kiddos. 
What kid wouldn't love a lollipop the size of their head. 
And the parents all thanked me for the sugar highs as well. 
Don't mention it guys.

The cupcakes were my personal favorite. They were so cute, and so easy to make! 
A little tedious yes, but fun.I went off a picture my sister sent me from pinterest.
I colored the white frosting with blue food-dye and used a pastry bag filled with white icing for the little clouds. 
The rainbows are airhead extreme sour belts that I cut in half.

From the second she got there, my niece Olivia 
was begging any one who would listen, for a cupcake. 
She finally got one after we sang happy birthday and I think she was pretty excited about it. 

I just love her.

And I love this picture because Mia wasn't understanding the concept that the presents were for Bella. She kept insisting they were hers too. 
Cracks me up how she has her hands on this one. When we got home and unloaded all of the presents she kept yelling "My toys!".....
Sweet Bella is thankfully so patient with her ;) 

We did face drawing, bubbles, chalk, and had big blow up beach balls. 
Anything to keep the kids going. It was so hot but they were all troopers and I think they had a blast nonetheless.

These two have been friends since they were around a year old. So special to watch them grow up together. My Asher boy is becoming more and more of a little man every day and it makes my stomach hurt. I make him promise me he'll always love his mama like he does now. He jumps on me with a gigantic hug and promises he will but I will remind him of that when all those pretty girls start chasing him. Lord help me. 

As I was  looking through these pictures, I realized how perfect this rainbow theme is for our Bella girl. She was the beauty that came out of some dark days. Our rainbow after the storm. May 23rd will be 6 years since we said goodbye to her sister Grace. Almost one year later on the 16th of May, we held Bella in our arms.

And since that day she has been a joy. A bright, beautiful reminder of God's promises. 
Our rainbow girl. 
Happy Birthday Bella Grace. 
I love you more than words could say.

{Here Comes The Sun print is from Pen & Paint}


  1. That last picture gets me all choked up! That is a precious picture of the two of you!

    What a great birthday party idea! So fun! So colorful! The cupcakes steal the show! For sure! SO CREATIVE!!!!!!

    Way to go! Happy Birthday beautiful Bella!

  2. The cupcakes are adorable!!! I love the rainbow theme. The picture of the three of you is so good!!!

  3. Such sweet pictures!! Love this party idea! I think I will bookmark and use for inspiration in August when my Emma turns 4!! :) I've never heard of the Funfetti dip, but I definitely want to try it! Yum! :)

  4. What a cute party! I may have to use this theme for my kids bday party. If you get a chance, please link this up to my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/05/sunday-link-party-8.html

  5. Oh my goodness!! What a fun party! Love all the precious photos....


  6. this is such a cute theme! those rainbow cupcakes turned out fabulous, and the hello kitty sewing machine.. so adorable! looks so much fun!

  7. awwwww happy birthday to your girl!!!!! what a fun party! you can see all the love you put into the details :)

  8. great birthday idea!!! congrats on re-opening the shop, I can't wait to check it out! Love those gold heart rings! Happy weekend!


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