Monday, May 13, 2013

These 3 Are Mine

I remember when we brought Asher home from the hospital I couldn't believe he was mine to keep forever. Like any moment I would wake up from a dream, or someone would come to take him.
Too good to be true that this perfect little boy was mine forever. 

I still get that feeling. 
I look at all 3 of my kids and I think to myself--they are mine, forever. 

Mine to protect. Mine to love.
Mine to nurture and to teach.
Mine to hold on to and then to let go of. 
Mine to lead and be an example to.
Mine to care for.
Mine to have open hands with and to give to the world.

Precious, priceless gifts. 
I don't take the heaviness of that for granted. 

Motherhood is hard. Some days I wish for quiet or to be alone. But then I remind myself these long days are gone way too soon. And the years fly. One day I will miss all of it. 
I want to know I soaked it all up. Every little bit of it. Even the long days and hard moments. 
Because they make the good ones that much sweeter. That much more beautiful.

When the days are gone and the years have passed, I want my children to know how deep their mom loved them. That she would give anything to see them happy. 
That she was imperfect and made mistakes, but she relied on God's grace and asked for forgiveness easily. 
That what others thought of her was much less important than what her own children saw in her daily. 
That she loved the Lord and loved their dad with a fierce love. 
And that she held on to a real faith and hope that she so desired to share with whoever would listen. 

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. And it was full of smiles, handmade cards, lots of hugs and kisses and everything I love. At one point toward the end of the day, I looked at Brandon and said, as full and beautiful as our lives are now, we have more babies waiting for us in heaven. They know us as their mom and dad, and one day we'll hold them. 
Isn't that thought amazing?

I am thankful for that knowledge and hope.

And for these 3 here and now.
My treasures.
Mine forever.
My daily prayer is that I steward these gifts well.

I pray you had a special Mother's Day. That you were celebrated and loved. 
And for you mama's who have babies waiting in heaven...know that we'll hold them in heaven one day.  
That's a beautiful truth to hold on to...I pray that you do. 



  1. They are so beautiful - happy belated Mother's Day!

  2. You always get me crying. I'm a emotional person though. I couldn't have put these words together myself but I feel the same. Even though I've only had my xenon for 10 months I sometimes look back on all his photos and home videos. I don't want to forget a thing. As for my perfect baby xander in heaven. It gives me comfort in knowing that I will see him and be able to hold him again one day. This was my 5th mothers day. I got to experience it on a whole other level this year. I'm so thankful and I don't take a day for granted. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE WITH US.-Julie

    1. Sweet Julie! You are so beautiful and strong! One day you'll hold that sweet Xander!
      As for today, you are doing an awesome job with Xenon!

  3. you and your heart...i'm always astonished at how much beauty & grace exudes from your blog. xo

    1. You made me smile Kim. Thank you for your sweet comment. I happen to think the same of you and your blog.

  4. What an absolutely darling post! love this. What a darling family.

  5. YOU are such a gorgeous family!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMA!!!

  6. Love the photo and the sweet thoughts. :) Just beautiful! Happy belated Mommy's Day! :)

  7. So sweet and your outfit is adorable!!! Where did you get that shirt?!

    1. aw thank you!
      It's actually a dress from Forever 21 that was too short for my liking ;) So I wore it with skinny jeans :)

  8. You have a beautiful family! I can tell by their smiles that they know just how much you love them!


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