Friday, June 28, 2013

My Work Space

 When we first moved into our house about 6 years ago, this room was used as a second living area upstairs. It's sort of like a loft space because it's one large open space that separates the kids 3 rooms, 
a bathroom and the laundry room.  

But it wasn't used very much since at the time we only had Asher. Then Bella came, and then I had Mia and we decided it was a huge part of our house that wasn't being used like it could be. So about two years ago we turned it into a craft space/play room. Now, it is one of the most used rooms in our house.

Over the last couple of months I have worked to really streamline and simplify the room even more.
As we all grow and our needs change, so does this room.

>>Here's a peak of the kids side of the room<<
This is the view when I turn around from my desk. 
It's perfect because we are usually all together in the room and I can keep an eye on them.
>> My side of the room <<<
{the space where I work from and take care of all the Splendor Shop business}

>This desk is where I store all of my packaging supplies<
It's an old 1950's desk that I found on Craiglist and painted a minty green.

Here's a quick little rundown of what I've recently done to the room recently:

-I repainted many pieces to either glossy black or creamy white (except the green desk}
-The gold glitter 'S' was made the same way I did these.
-The desk chair was originally red (from Ikea) and I painted it Robins Egg Blue. 
-The black and white striped rug I found for less than $5 on clearance at Target
-Anything I could spray paint metallic gold, I did. Frames, mason jars, & clothes pins for my cork board.
-The huge cork board frame above my desk was made a while ago from an old broken mirror. 
We just painted the frame, and covered cork board in fabric.   

Another thing I did recently is print some of my favorite instagrams to hang from the cork board.
I wanted to get them off my phone and printed and I'd heard good things about postal pix.
It was so easy. I literally ordered straight from my phone. Just downloaded the app, chose my pictures and the size (these are 4x4's) and that was it.  I sort of decided I wouldn't expect much since these were pictures off my phone. But a few days later they came, and I was honestly so happy with the quality and clarity!

So here's the deal. 
Postal Pix is giving you all 20% off your order through the weekend. No, they didn't compensate me in any way for this post. They are just nice people. So go take advantage of it.  

Use code Splendor20 at checkout through MONDAY night at 11:59pm PST. 

Honestly at prices ranging from .33 to $3.89 plus 20% off, you can't go wrong.  Go get your favorite phone pictures printed before you lose them.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daughters Will Love Like You Do

"So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too"
{John Mayer- Daughters)

I have an amazing dad. I never doubted his love for me or for our family. 
Super affectionate. Funny. Awesome communicator. 
He would always buy my mom flowers for no reason and leave her sweet cards that I would sneakily read later. 
He would do anything for my mom and always worked hard for us kids. 
He prayed with us every night and played silly games in the car on the way to school every morning.
When I turned 16 and started driving, he kept my car filled with gas and always checked the oil for me so I never had to. 
He'd always leave sweet notes on my car windows. My favorite was written on a torn piece of cardboard from a 12 pack of diet pepsi. 
I still have it and he still drinks a lot of diet pepsi. 

My dad showed me exactly what a father and husband should be and taught me to never settle for less. 
I am so so glad I didn't. 

Brandon is more than I could ever ask for or want in a husband and exactly the father our children need.
He brings me coffee in bed, changes diapers, cuts the crust off pb&j sandwhiches, brings me flowers, makes my eggs just like I like them,
sings silly songs to our kids, prays with us each night and to this day, I have still never changed the oil on my car. 

What makes me most happy is knowing our girls are watching like I always was.
And one day I pray they find a guy like their dad, just like I did. 

And Asher? He is already the spitting image of his daddy in every way.. 
He's going to make a girl really happy one day. A long long long time from now. Like, not for a really long, long time.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend celebrating your husbands and fathers. 
For all of you single mommies serving as daddies are my hero's. For real. 
Praying extra blessings over you tonight. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 on 10 {A glimpse of our day}

Ten pictures from the 10th of the month

 Morning quiet time.
Doesn't always happen every day, but it really should.
 It's good for my soul to start the day like this. 

 Errands with my little shadow. Always on my hip.
I'll be sad when she gets too big to carry. 

 Supplies for some fun little projects. The paint color is called "robins egg blue."
Obviously I had to get it. 

 My every day snack.
I could eat a whole watermelon every single day and be a happy girl.

 Crafting time.  A daily thing around here.
We wait till Mia's nap time because she likes to escape with markers and crayons
 and secretly leave her mark around the house...

 Making and packaging up orders from the shop

 I have a thing for gum balls lately. I like to eat them while I work.
Plus the colors are so cute. 

Late afternoon backyard fun.
Baby bellies, the smell of wet grass, lots of giggles... my favorite.

 A run right before the sun goes down. I love this time of day.

Baths, pj's and bible story time.
With an extra friend.
Totally normal to have at least 2 extra kiddos in our house right now.

ten on ten button


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Currently Digging.

A few things I'm loving right now 


Have you heard of this company? For every pair of glasses bought they give one to someone in need.
I love that. And they let you order up to 5 pairs to try on at home before committing. After two At-Home try on's and way to many selfies trying to text my sisters for advice I think I finally settled on a pair. 

2. Babies Breath 
One of my absolute favorite things in the world is fresh flowers in my home. I recently bought some babies breath for the white pitcher that sits on our kitchen table and I LOVED how it looked. So pretty and simple.  

It's the best pink there is. Neutral but still pops. 

4.These vintage style v-neck tees from Old Navy. 
I have a few already. I've tried other brands for v-necks. Always go back to these. 

By far my favorite shadow right now. I wear it every day. Most of the time by itself with some eyeliner, or with a darker taupe in the crease when I want to dress up a little. But mostly alone and it's perfection.Also it stays put.

6.This song. It's on repeat. 

7. Which brings me to this free printable from Jessi. Love it and I already know exactly where I'm putting it. 

This smells just like the Capri Blue candle from Anthropoligie.  

It's been on my list before, but I am still obsessed with it. I eat it once a week. 
The day they ever decide to stop making it will be a sad, sad day for me.

10. Baby Lips by Maybeline. 
By now I think everyone knows about this stuff because every time I go to get more from Target they are either really low or completely out of it. 
It makes your lips really soft and gives you a little color. There are other shades to choose from but Peach Kiss is my favorite. 

11. This top from ever+mi crush. Basically I want it all. This shop has so many cute tops and dresses.

12. And lastly, this post. 
If you are a mom of school kids, you have to read it. My friend Abby sent it to me and I thank her for it. Cracked.Me.Up.

Whats something you're loving right now?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Lovin ♥


It's June. 
Something about that just makes me really happy.

I always loved summer growing up but I never looked forward to it like I have since Asher started school.  
Having him home and out of school just makes the summer time even more special because we get him all to ourselves again. 
No schedules or places to be.
Everywhere you go there is just a more laid back feel. 
I love it.
Asher has just a few days left of school and then we are officially going into summer mode around here.

These are some of the things I'm most looking forward to this summer...

Late mornings. 
Cinnamon rolls and homemade donuts for breakfast.
Afternoons in the backyard with pools, slip-n-slides, bubbles and popsicles
Movie nights with neighbor friends and front porch sitting until it's dark.
Lots of chalk  
Late evening runs
The sound of sprinklers and the smell of wet grass
Tans and blonde streaked hair and the smell of sunscreen.
Pink cheeks and tired munchkins.
Library visits and saturday morning donut trips. 
Play dates at the pool. 
Lots of watermelon. Like a ton because I'm slightly addicted.  
Celebrating the 4th of July with our family. 
Fireworks and the smell of hot dogs on the grill.
Birthday celebrations.
Cute little kids in cute little bathing suits. 
Bright painted toes.  
Flip Flops.
Sonic Drinks {ok thats all year round}

Also Bella is going to play soccer this summer. 
After watching Asher play this last season, she's decided she wants to give it a try too.
 I think she just wants a cute jersey.
 That's ok because I seriously can't wait to watch her running around on the field. 
She won't have a clue what she's doing but she will look stinken cute anyway.

We've got a couple of projects to start and a couple more to finish. 
I hope to get Mia potty trained {pray for me} and start teaching her how to swim.
We have a couple of trips planned and lots of exciting things happening with our church plant. 
Also I think I'm going to go super blonde with my hair. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

It's going to be a good summer.

In August we have two kids going back to school.
Bella starts kindergarten and while my heart gets all achy when I think about it, 
I'm going to choose to soak up these next two months instead.  

Please summer, go slow.

What about you? 
What is something you love about summer? 

P.S The shop is now OPEN with all new pieces that I am so excited to share. 
Go here to check it all and use code SUMMERLOVE for 15% off your entire order at checkout.