Friday, June 28, 2013

My Work Space

 When we first moved into our house about 6 years ago, this room was used as a second living area upstairs. It's sort of like a loft space because it's one large open space that separates the kids 3 rooms, 
a bathroom and the laundry room.  

But it wasn't used very much since at the time we only had Asher. Then Bella came, and then I had Mia and we decided it was a huge part of our house that wasn't being used like it could be. So about two years ago we turned it into a craft space/play room. Now, it is one of the most used rooms in our house.

Over the last couple of months I have worked to really streamline and simplify the room even more.
As we all grow and our needs change, so does this room.

>>Here's a peak of the kids side of the room<<
This is the view when I turn around from my desk. 
It's perfect because we are usually all together in the room and I can keep an eye on them.
>> My side of the room <<<
{the space where I work from and take care of all the Splendor Shop business}

>This desk is where I store all of my packaging supplies<
It's an old 1950's desk that I found on Craiglist and painted a minty green.

Here's a quick little rundown of what I've recently done to the room recently:

-I repainted many pieces to either glossy black or creamy white (except the green desk}
-The gold glitter 'S' was made the same way I did these.
-The desk chair was originally red (from Ikea) and I painted it Robins Egg Blue. 
-The black and white striped rug I found for less than $5 on clearance at Target
-Anything I could spray paint metallic gold, I did. Frames, mason jars, & clothes pins for my cork board.
-The huge cork board frame above my desk was made a while ago from an old broken mirror. 
We just painted the frame, and covered cork board in fabric.   

Another thing I did recently is print some of my favorite instagrams to hang from the cork board.
I wanted to get them off my phone and printed and I'd heard good things about postal pix.
It was so easy. I literally ordered straight from my phone. Just downloaded the app, chose my pictures and the size (these are 4x4's) and that was it.  I sort of decided I wouldn't expect much since these were pictures off my phone. But a few days later they came, and I was honestly so happy with the quality and clarity!

So here's the deal. 
Postal Pix is giving you all 20% off your order through the weekend. No, they didn't compensate me in any way for this post. They are just nice people. So go take advantage of it.  

Use code Splendor20 at checkout through MONDAY night at 11:59pm PST. 

Honestly at prices ranging from .33 to $3.89 plus 20% off, you can't go wrong.  Go get your favorite phone pictures printed before you lose them.

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. eeek! i love everything about this space! so perfect and such an inviting room. :)


  2. Seriously cute!! I love that!!

  3. Oh it is such a gorgeous, light and inviting space. Just lovely!

  4. LOVE this space. It's beautiful, fresh, clean, and happy; just the perfect kind of play and work environment :)

  5. Majorly adore! Love the neutral background with the pops of color of the flowers and aqua and mint! It looks so fresh, yet vintage, feminin, yet playful! :)

  6. That is an awesome room! It's so pretty and relaxing!

  7. So cute! I just went and ordered 20 of those prints....and forgot to use the discount code! OOps!


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