Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Lovin ♥


It's June. 
Something about that just makes me really happy.

I always loved summer growing up but I never looked forward to it like I have since Asher started school.  
Having him home and out of school just makes the summer time even more special because we get him all to ourselves again. 
No schedules or places to be.
Everywhere you go there is just a more laid back feel. 
I love it.
Asher has just a few days left of school and then we are officially going into summer mode around here.

These are some of the things I'm most looking forward to this summer...

Late mornings. 
Cinnamon rolls and homemade donuts for breakfast.
Afternoons in the backyard with pools, slip-n-slides, bubbles and popsicles
Movie nights with neighbor friends and front porch sitting until it's dark.
Lots of chalk  
Late evening runs
The sound of sprinklers and the smell of wet grass
Tans and blonde streaked hair and the smell of sunscreen.
Pink cheeks and tired munchkins.
Library visits and saturday morning donut trips. 
Play dates at the pool. 
Lots of watermelon. Like a ton because I'm slightly addicted.  
Celebrating the 4th of July with our family. 
Fireworks and the smell of hot dogs on the grill.
Birthday celebrations.
Cute little kids in cute little bathing suits. 
Bright painted toes.  
Flip Flops.
Sonic Drinks {ok thats all year round}

Also Bella is going to play soccer this summer. 
After watching Asher play this last season, she's decided she wants to give it a try too.
 I think she just wants a cute jersey.
 That's ok because I seriously can't wait to watch her running around on the field. 
She won't have a clue what she's doing but she will look stinken cute anyway.

We've got a couple of projects to start and a couple more to finish. 
I hope to get Mia potty trained {pray for me} and start teaching her how to swim.
We have a couple of trips planned and lots of exciting things happening with our church plant. 
Also I think I'm going to go super blonde with my hair. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

It's going to be a good summer.

In August we have two kids going back to school.
Bella starts kindergarten and while my heart gets all achy when I think about it, 
I'm going to choose to soak up these next two months instead.  

Please summer, go slow.

What about you? 
What is something you love about summer? 

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  1. Our summer love list is pretty much the same! So wish we lived closer so we could enjoy these things together! GO BLONDE! I wanna see! Have you ever been blonde? Speaking of hair...this last cut just isn't....cutting it. The layers are wonkey. They pony tail is sad. I'm feeling a CHOP soon! Enjoy the summer home with those kiddos girl! Y'all have fun!!!!!

    1. I have been blonde but not as blonde {right away, or all over} like I want to go! I'm going to do it! So excited :)

      And, I already emailed you but I say CHOP it!!

  2. Girl, you have got to make these
    We are already making them every evening. My husband comes home with two watermelons a week from the grocery store, one to eat fresh and one to chop up and put in the freezer.

  3. i love summer too. i pray it's not too hot otherwise the kids beg to be inside, but i love the longer days and the unrestricted schedules. i allow them to stay up late, sometimes way later than what should be allowed playing and making more memories. i hope summer goes by slow too. i have one going into middle school, and i'm not too excited about it. boo! so yes, summer please go slllooooowww. :)

    1. It is so hot here too! Which is why I am all about the pool and popsicles!!

      middle school. oh man, do not get me started :(
      I'll keep praying the summer goes slow for the both of us!

  4. oh! love this list! my birthday is in the summer so i looovvvee that :) and homegrown tomatoes /// i wait for them all year ;)

    love you list you nailed it the whole list!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful summer!
    My big kids were done with school on Friday, and I absolutely love having them home! I am really looking forward to a less structured schedule and a lot of fun. I do have to potty train my toddler and get some remodeling done, though, because baby #4 will be joining us just as the kids are returning to school!

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