Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beach Love + Memories

Monday morning, bright and early, 
we woke the kids up at 6am and loaded them into the car to head 5 hours away to South Padre Island, Texas.
We met the rest of my family there for a little vacation.
My sisters and brother and their kids and my mom and dad, cousin and grandma.

We've been going to this beach since I was a little, little girl. I have so many memories of the beach. I'm a beach girl by far. The sound of the ocean and the sand and the waves. I love it all.  It does something to my soul to be sitting on a beach. 

Brandon and I told the kids the night before that we'd be leaving early the next day. 
He and I packed all of the suitcases and loaded the car while they slept. 
I will never forget how excited they were even at 6am when we carried them to the car.
In fact I told Brandon that the memory of seeing Asher's face with big 'ol eyes and a huge smile, as he woke up in Brandons arms realizing what was happening, is probably one of my favorite memories.

There's a bridge you drive over from Port Isabel into South Padre. 
I remember driving over it as a little girl and my mom saying "look kids there's the ocean!"
It was so crazy to hear myself saying it to my own kids now.  
I won't ever forget how Bella's face was pressed up against the window as she excitedly pointed out every bird and palm tree she saw. 

We were there for 4 full days and literally spent every day, all day, on the beach. We would have breakfast in our room and then meet my family out on the beach at 11am. We played the whole time. Building sand castles, swimming, jumping in the waves, digging holes, tracing words in the sand, eating snacks, playing with cousins....
My dad dug a huge hole, complete with steps going up and down, for the littler kids to play in. 
It worked sort of like a play-pen and was perfect for them. They loved it. 

We stayed every day until about 6-7pm. 
We would eat dinner and hang out in my parents condo that they'd rented and then head back to our own hotel room.  
The kids shared a queen bed and all 3 crashed hard, snuggled up together every single night.
I loved to see them all in the same bed. Tired and worn out from a full day of fun. 

As my kids get older and we are experiencing new things with them, 
I'm truly learning what it means to feel completely fulfilled in seeing your own kids so happy. 
This trip was so special to me and one that I really think they will always remember.

Usually after a trip away I am always ready to be home, but this time I could have stayed longer.  We were all sad to leave. 
The beach just has a special place in my heart and I hope to continue the tradition of going each summer and nurturing our kids love for it like my parents did. 
Who knows, maybe one day they'll be taking their own kids one day.

They were literally screaming "We love the beach!" in this picture. 

Me too kids, me too.

I'm missing it so much already. 


  1. Look at y'all how cute! I love this! The beach is MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE EVER! I could seriously live there! I don't think it would ever get old. I"m glad y'all had a fun time! You look awesome, as always!

    1. I was thinking the same while we were--I dont think this could ever get old.
      Living on a beach for 4 years was some of my best and favorite childhood memories.
      I sometimes wish I could give the same to my kids, but for now summer trips will have to do!

  2. Such wonderful memories you will have from this trip!!

    1. we are already planning our next one! haha!

  3. Whole family vacations are the best. I love the last photo so much. The joy is radiating off my computer screen.

    1. it's one of my favorites! getting printed for sure.
      love you kelly!!!

  4. Beautiful family! It does bring such joy to see little ones light up with happiness.

    1. youre so sweet Christy, thank you. And yes it really does!!!

  5. Oh Laura! These are charming photos! I ADORE the mini beach swimming pool your dad made for your littles! My husband and I so hope to have kiddos soon! He is a very dark greek man, and when I see photos of your sweet babies,...I am hoping for them to be beautiful dark haired wee ones like yours :)


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