Thursday, October 3, 2013

-Praying For A Miracle-

I debated on whether I was going to write about this, but I decided tonight that I am.  This isn't my story but it's some one else's and what I keep thinking is if my words or my reach or my prayers can help bridge the gap for someone else, then that is mine.
maybe not this story, but that responsibility as a believer, is mine.

It's been a heavy few days. Sunday afternoon I held the hand of a friend/neighbor as we watched paramedics try to bring her 4 month old back to life. They had checked in on her while she was napping and found that she was not breathing.

I knew nothing else to do but pray. I held her mom and we prayed. I spoke the name of Jesus and I prayed God's holy spirit would breath life into that sweet baby girl.

I watched her dad cry out on his knees, praying and banging his fists on the ground.
I saw them pick her up and raise her little body into the ambulance and stared at her little chubby legs dangle.

All I kept hearing and speaking is "He is ABLE."
Though what I was seeing said different, I believed he was able to bring that baby girl back.

We later found out that they were able to get a pulse by the time they'd reached the hospital.
I knew right then that I had already seen a miracle. But I knew God wasn't done.

Genelle Glory is this sweet baby girls name and I only recently found that out. They'd always just called her GG. Glory is significant to me for so many reasons. We even named Mia, Mia Glory because we called her our little glory girl. The manifestation of God's goodness.

And that is what we are praying for Genelle. She is currently on life support. Tests on her heart have come back perfectly, but the rest of her organs are struggling. specifically her liver and kidneys. They will have an MRI tomorrow to see where any damage is in her brain. She did not pass many of the brain tests doctors performed, but she is breathing on her own. Irregular breaths right now at 6 breaths per minute (normal is 20) BUT she is breathing on her own. That right there is hope. 

We are believing for a miracle. And I am writing this so that you can believe with us.
I strongly believe in the power of prayer and allowing others to come along side believing for the same.

We went to see Genelle the other day and we prayed over her. I laid my hand on her chest and felt her heart beating strong. I held her little feet in my hands and believed they would one day walk. That her lips would one day speak of His goodness and her hands praise His name.

Her mom is tired. Understandably. But hopeful and strong. She is not and will not give up on her baby girl. I have tried my best to do what I can and be the support that I can be. We brought Genelle a lovie and her mom a journal to keep with scripture verses and to continue to write God's promises as he speaks to her through this.

I want to do more though. I hesitated in putting this out there, but I have had many people ask how they can help since I posted about it on my instagram.  At this point I know one of her biggest struggles is spreading herself between her three kids and having to drive back and forth across town. I know this feeling and tug at her heart and it is not easy. I also know they are at the hospital a lot.

So I was thinking, if you were one who wanted to give something, I think gift cards for gas, or groceries or restaurants would be perfect. If you want to make a donation, I could take the money and buy the gift cards myself. I know this family could use this blessing right now. I know it won't take the emotional burden off of them but it would help take some of the extra financial burden they are facing.

If you'd like to donate any thing, monetary, gift cards, or something more personal you think would be encouraging in some way, please contact me at bitsofsplendor @ yahoo (dot) com. You can also send donations directly through paypal at that same email address. Just make a note that it is for Baby Genelle.

I'd like to collect all of this asap so they can use it in the days and weeks ahead.

More than anything friends would you please pray?  I'm finding myself praying bolder than I ever have for this little girl. For God to perform a miracle just like he did in the bible when he raised the little girl up. He took her hand and he said "Talitha Koum" which means, little girl, get up.
We are believing this for Genelle Glory.

This little girl will be a living, breathing, walking, talking, testimony of His goodness.
He is able. 

Thank you for your prayers for this sweet family.


  1. Praying and posted to my church group!

  2. Crying and praying as I read this Laura. He is able and I am believing in a miricle with you for sweet GG. Praying for you too, that you will be a light to this family in such a desperate time of need. I will email you too as I would love to help. Xo.

  3. Praying for this baby and her family. Thank u for posting this and reminding us that miracles still do happen and God is just as able today as He ever was!!

  4. I can't read through this post without weeping. As a momma my heart aches for them.
    Lord we beg you for complete healing. You are GOOD and faithful.

  5. Oh my heart hurts. After just spending 5 weeks in the NICU with my sweet little one, I can not even wrap my head around what this mama feels. He is so able & so faithful. Me & E pray for precious GG every day. Begging God to move mountains and perform miracles. I know that when we were in the hospital, it was so encouraging to know that people were praying. Visitors helped too! Keep encouraging and loving on this family Laura. Your words of life over them mean more than you will ever know.

  6. Praying for this little girl and her family. With God anything is possible. I believe this with all my heart!


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