"Don't shine so others can see you. 
Shine so that through you, others can see Him."
{C.S Lewis}


This is a blog about our life. The big and little.
Stories of our every day and some of what has brought us here.
All with a heart to bring HIM glory.

I love the Lord, my husband and our 4 kids.
Asher is 10, Bella is 7 1/2, Mia is 5 and Judah 1 year old.
We have lost 3 babies early on and 2 baby girls at 20 and 23 weeks.
We named those sweet angels Faith Marie and Grace Ann.
You can read little bits of their stories sprinkled through out this blog.
But there is still so much more to tell.
So much God is still showing me, and more I want to share.
Slowly but surely.

I live my life choosing joy daily.
I truly believe in living in the here and now.
I love to look forward to things and strive for goals, but I love to live in the present even more.
I hate to think I might miss something. I don't like forgetting things.

So I write to remember.

And I love hydrangeas, Ben & Jerry's, the beach, notebooks, good music, twinkle lights, lit candles, natural light, sunsets, my bed, and a good book. Also my husband. I love him the most.

Speaking of him, we are currently in the middle of planting a church here on the North side of San Antonio. We started our core group last March, and we will officially launch at the end of May. God has sparked a love in our hearts for people, and a strong desire to spread his Hope.

Have questions or just want to say hi? Drop me an email. I would love to meet you.


Splendor: brilliant distinction, to shine.